Renovation of Hillside Castle

After moving to our first house in Bend, Oregon site unseen in 2013, we spent the next 7 or so years slowly restoring the original features of the little wooden shack back to where they began. In 1929 when it was built, Bend was a big lumber town and the workers could take home whatever they could carry that day. Between then, and when we purchased the house, times and trends did their best to cover up all the original magic, including the heart pine floors and milled shiplap walls.

We finally got most of it completed, and to my husband’s dismay, the Hillside Castle came across my Zillow stalking Radar. One thing my heart was craving in this awesome little city was history, this Richardsonian Romanesque beauty built by an eccentric brick layer was just the ticket.

Originating from the East Coast with parents who renovated a 1700’s cape my entire childhood, this was destine. Christmas photos with exposed insulation in the background, nails in my feet, and my fair share of lead paint chip snacks nourished my childhood.

My mom also designed and reproduced historical wallpaper, and my first job out of high school was for an antiques auction house specializing in turn of the century gems.
The friends I have met along the way have prepared me for this next chapter.

I am by no means a purist, I like to add a little new with the old, and this is our journey complete with tricks, tips and life’s treats we find along the way.